Posted by : Kirazu July 29, 2020

Circle : Four Seasons of the Fox Rain
Release : May/13/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 232 MB

One night, you had a dream that you were getting an absolute dynamite blowjob.
And just when you were about to blow, a voice --

"Gonna cum? Well, I guess it can't wait.
It's a succubus' job, after all..."

But after she swallows your load, to your surprise, it comes right back up!

The Incredible Vomiting Succubus
CV: Ritsuka Mizutani
Sexy, motherly, dangerous -- at least on the outside.
Inside she's fun, she's friendly, and she's not all that fond of doing typical "succubus things".
She generally loves sex, but some parts of the job she's not overly wild about.

51 minute total playback with BGM

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