Posted by : Kirazu July 27, 2020

Circle : Die Brust
Release : Jul/26/2020
Series : Slightly Healing Series
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 119 MB

You've awakened in the home of Dia the necromancer.
She says that she found you unconscious in the forest.
She thought you'd been attacked by a monster and took you back to her house.
She had been gathering your earwax for magical materials.

It seems you were dead, actually, but she brought you back.
Rather than relief, however, she's a bit disappointed with the result.
But you'll make a great research subject...

Ear cleaning, ear kissing, and spell whispering!

Character Introduction
A female necromancer living in the Forbidden Forest. She's mysterious, a bit rude, and low-energy.
But she has her gentle places, too, even if it's because she needs the materials.
She's secretly very happy to have a living human to work with for once.



Total playback: Approx. 43 minutes + bonuses

CV: Yuusa Mibuki

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