Posted by : Kirazu July 10, 2020

Circle : "humi" of kotori
Release : Jun/28/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 86 MB

A binaural audio product (KU100). Headphones or earphones recommended.

You're a virgin otaku engineer to your very core, who is working at an IT company in the city.

You spend your days in an endless loop of working, watching anime, and jerking off.
But today, you return to find a cute girl with wings and tail sitting in your house...
It seems she's a succubus, and she wants to suck all the cum out of that dick of yours...

Succubus ???? (CV: Poplar Sawano)
Height: 147cm
Weight: 37kg
Age: 200 (But appears as a young human)

A B-cup succubus with wings, a tail,long nails, and gleaming fangs.
Has no sexual experience with men, but acts like she's a veteran.
As part of her coming-of-age ceremony,
she has come to the human world to drink up lots of human cum.

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