Posted by : Kirazu July 08, 2020

Circle : RaRo
Release : Jul/02/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 291 MB

1) A relaxing and comfortable bar atmosphere.
A shaker for mixing cocktails, clanging ice, and a whispering female bartender.

2) More than just talking, this bartender will get up close for a shoulder massage, pat you on the head, and more!

3) The CV for the bartender Akari is Megu Sakuragawa!
In addition to her usual relaxed voice, we've recorded lots of her sweet and tingly whispers as well.
Enjoy your time all alone with her.

CV: Megu Sakuragawa

The owner of bar Envelop. Normally calm and gentle,
but likes to tease people she's comfortable with.
Enjoys massages but is self taught.

8 tracks
Playback time: 2:02:00

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