Posted by : Kirazu July 27, 2020

Circle  : lamp-shade
Release Jun/27/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 249 MB

You, a normal student at a normal school, wake up to find yourself in an unknown room.
Nearby, an older girl is humming as she creates a suspicious-looking drug...

In this audio work, get kidnapped and confined by a beautiful yandere,
then healed to the bone by her intense ASMR ear cleaning.

Includes a variety of ear-cleaning instruments.

[Track List]

[Bonus tracks]
01:綿を耳に詰めたり切ったり[no talking](0:30:58)
02:綿棒ごそごそ[no talking](00:30:28)

Total playback time: 05:30:16

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