Posted by : Kirazu July 24, 2020

Circle : Shirokuma no Yome
Release : Jul/23/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 794 MB

This time, Ayaka appears to interrupt your summer homework with fellatio on the spot!
Then, she carries out her summer research project: how many times you can ejaculate?
She'll keep track in her notebook!
Of course, she'll let you penetrate her, and cum inside her as well!

Then, for her adult broadcast, she receives a ton of dildo modeled after her fans!
Whoever wins the raffle will have their dildo inserted into her wet pussy!
Then, she has a competition to see if you or her will cum first.

Bonus free talk included!

[Track List]

01_綾姉とおち〇ぽケースごっこ (26:52)

02_綾姉と自由研究その1 (18:18)

03_綾姉と自由研究その2 (36:47)
04_おま〇こに本物おもらし♪膣内放尿実験 (22:18)
05_機嫌直して、耳かき (24:23)
06_自由研究とおやすみなさい (16:20)
07_自由研究とおはよう (09:15)

□20xx年8月配信_抽選で挿入!配信 (48:09)
□20xx年8月配信_抽選で挿入!配信2枠目 (01:07:23)
□20xx年9月配信_どっちが先にイく?耐久配信 (26:01)
□20xx年9月配信2_おま〇こでASMR☆咀嚼音(意味深) (25:13)

Bonus track:
□おまけ01_制作トークと目隠しで。 (27:02)

Scenario/ CV: Ayaka Igasaki

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