Posted by : Kirazu July 15, 2020

Circle : studio rain
Release : Jun/27/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 201 MB

The proprietress of a hot spring with special properties has been worried lately about the future.
She wants someone to pass the hot spring to when she gets older, but it's not working out...
Every day she bathes in the spring to increase her sexual performance.
And lucky you, you just happened to walk in on her!

Character: Yuzu (25)
The young owner of a hot spring inn.
She's well liked by guests, but a bit nervous about the future because she's single.

Track List:

●(1).深夜の温泉 (07:52)
●(2).いつでも懐妊万全 (27:44)
●(3).乱行の湯 (36:36)
●(4).朝まで子作り (20:10)
●(5).常連客へ (1:14)

Total playback: 1:33:29

Aruha Kotone (Kotone Akatsuki)

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