Posted by : Kirazu July 24, 2020

Circle : C_Realization
Release : Jul/22/2020
Series : Committee of Taking Male Virginity
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 404 MB

Through a new recording method, our ear-licking game has ramped up even further!
Feel her slippery tongue DEEP inside your ears, as if she's licking your brain!
Check out the sample to get a taste!

A binaural audio product (KU100). Headphones or earphones recommended.


(1) NEET student
The protagonist's student!
Her parents are away on a long business trip, and no one is around to keep an eye on her.
However, the protagonist is her teacher, so he drops by to help her out.
Saying that all she wants to because is a NEET housewife,
she decides then and there to make a baby with the teacher!
But in truth, she actually loves him.
In the end, she successfully gets pregnant, and becomes a schoolgirl mamma.

(2) Protagonist (teacher)
A teacher that cares too much about his students.
However, unable to withstand his students' seduction,
his virginity is stolen away.
However, he has a massive penis, so his student climaxes as well!

Track List
(1) 囁き耳舐め誘惑手コキ

(2) 囁き耳舐め童貞卒業&処女喪失&中出しセックス

(3) 囁き耳舐め連続絶頂アクメ子作り中出しセックス

(4) ダブル囁き耳舐め焦らし手コキ

(5) エピローグ~せんせぇの赤ちゃん、できちゃった♪

Contains handjob, deflowering, creampie sex, ear-licking,

CV: Kaede Akino

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