Posted by : Kirazu August 21, 2020

Circle : Four Seasons of the Fox Rain
Release : Jul/31/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 482 MB


A man succeeds in summoning a succubus,
but she'll only grant his wish if he'll grant hers.
After his lusty desire is granted, he snaps back to reality.
"Please, take anything, just not my life" the man begs.

"I have no need of that. I'm a demon, you know."
The man sighs in relief, until of course, he hears the next words out of her mouth:

"I want you to birth my child."
And so she reveals to him the massive penis between her legs...

Futanari Succubus
CV: Ryou Suzuki

Since male succubi don't exist, the futanari succubi multiply by
impregnating human males.
They find desperate men looking for sex, and reach a demon's pact.

This succubus is a little sadistic, but is surprisingly kind.
Gives off an older, mature impression, but shows her cute doting side
when she finds her "bride" has been impregnated.

[Track List]

track01 19:08

track02 22:31
◆サキュバスによるアナル拡張~出産準備 囁き、吐息責め、耳舐め、ディルド挿入

track03 15:05
◆サキュバスに種付けされました~アナル受胎 ディルド責め、腔内種汁射精

track04 03:50

track05 04:39

track06 40:51


Total playback: Approx. 106 minutes (BGM included version)

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