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Circle : TriSound 
Release : Jan/26/2019
Series : service dans le manoir
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 243 MB

CV: Yuka Hinata
Illustration: clear
Total playback time: 1 hour 49 minutes 57 minutes

* About This Series
"What's the true relaxation by sounds?"
"[ASMR x Characters] works should be more enjoyable!"

These feelings became motivations and finally crystallized into this series, "service dans le manoir".

Pleasant sounds and girls.
To facilitate your "imagination of scenes with characters", which can be attained 
in audio works but no other types of works, we proudly present this series
with strong emphases on ASMR stuff such as whispers, ear licking 
and sound effects, in a uniform worldview.

There is a wide range of characters including pretty, energetic and kindhearted ones.
Find your favorite girl, then be the master of this mansion and have the best relaxation time!
* In pursuit of pleasant sounds, the series products are mainly rated R-15.

01 Sleepy Morning [03:36]

[Oil Massage]
02 Back & Waist Massage [12:12]
03 Upper Half Massage [06:36]
04 Calf Massage [07:43]
05 Intimate Abdomen Massage [06:11]

[Ear-Pleasant Time]
06 Sweet Ear Cleaning (Left) [11:41]
07 Sweet Ear Cleaning (Right) [12:48]
08 Soap Washing [08:05]
09 Drying with Towel [03:32]

[Slow Love Time]
10 Intense Kiss [07:19]
11 Ear Licking (Left) [13:51]
12 Ear Licking (Right) [11:47]
13 Sleep Sharing [04:36]

Total playback time: [01:49:57]

* Today's Maid

Mai Kurisaka defines herself as just one in charge of taking care of you.
She is an excellent maid whose services are more polished than any other maids.

That being said, she wants to get close to you in her heart...?

CV: Yuka Hinata

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