Posted by : Kirazu September 14, 2020

Circle : Team Landsel 
Release : Feb/20/2019
Series : Sound Sleeping Ear Cleaning Voice
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 402 MB

Ring...... There's the sound of a bell.

A girl wakes up, finding herself in a totally unfamiliar place. 
A weird world covered with fog.

A girl Yuri, who introduces herself as an angel of death, appears on top of a boat.

"You're enchanted by 'Death.'
You feel not only the pleasure of being touched... 
But of having your life in my hands...
What a helpless girl..."

Her completely dark eyes look happy somehow as she pushes down the girl's body against the deck of the boat.

A sequel to:
Sound Sleeping Ear Cleaning Voice beta-2

[Track List]
Track 1: Here you are again [Ear cleaning] (34:02)
Track 2: You wanna be teased, don't you? [Left ear] (17:02)
Track 3: I'm never letting you away from me [Right ear] (10:44)
Track 4: I'll be by your side forever... [Snuggling side-by-side] (24:54)

Total playback time: 1:26:42

CV: Mayu Nanase

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