Posted by : Kirazu September 07, 2020

Circle : Momoiro Code
Release : May/14/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 3.32 GB

Take a coffee break during the early afternoon of a sunny day.
The birds of spring chirp away, and as the sound of freshly ground
coffee beans reaches your ears, so does the delicious aroma your nose.
A slow-paced ear cleaning work.

No play biting. She will sit next to you and enjoy some coffee.
A subtitled audio work.

****Creature of the Night (R18)******
For the evening, we have an adultey course containing the play biting
that was not in the daytime tracks. She will blindfold you and nibble away
at your ears. This animal has woken for spring and will use a soft tool
to provide you with a soothing yet stimulating male oriented massage.

* Take a coffee break during work!
The afternoon coffee break tracks are looped, so the sounds all blend together naturally.
As you sit in calm silence, hear the sound of coffee being sipped next to you,
pages of a book being flipped through, the chirping of birds...
Great for when you just need some relaxing thinking time.

* A regular shop!
This place is totally wholesome, and so are the massages.
...However, around this time of year, it seems there are a lot of wild animals around,
and as you sleep with an eye-mask, you might end up getting felt up or licked,

* A tool for adult massages
The shop worker has prepared a secret soft tool for its male patrons.
Enjoy a pleasurable massage that's a little more...slippery than usual.

CV: Kotoka

Audio: Japanese / Subtitles: English & Chinese

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