Posted by : Kirazu September 05, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Sep/01/2020
Series : Ayakashi Nostalgia
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 849 MB

Monobeno. A village deep in the mountains of Shikoku.
The last place where humans and ayakashi live together in harmony.

You and your wife Sumi have been spending the days trying to calm your excited daughter,
who is looking forward to going to her new school.
To this end, your kind neighbors give a lovely gift; a whole day to yourselves.

A day of sweet desire...or rather, putting your daughter first,
by busily preparing the things she needs!

Sewing cloth, steam-ironing, shoe washing...
a harmony of sounds that display the love the two of you have for your daughter.

Surely, it will lead you to a pleasant and peaceful sleep...

Sumi: Emi Sakura - @sakuraemi2
A girl who was called to protect you, but ended up falling deep in love.
Your irreplaceable wife, Sumi, the house lizard youkai.
Through your love, the two of you made a wonderful daughter named Emi.
Family life has brought lots of life and energy to the household, but it can be tiring.

Luckily, a caring neighbor gives you and her the alone time you need
to lovingly prepare all of the things Emi will need for school.

Feel the pride and warmth of being a father,
and experience the softness of Sumi's sweet, healing, motherly love!

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