Posted by : Kirazu September 19, 2020

Circle : The Nation of Head Scissors
Release : Aug/28/2020
Series : Voice Drama for Masochists
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 44 MB


You meet a girl via online application who is popular for her masochist martial arts play.

Her name is Airi, and she has gotten rich off uploading videos of herself crushing masochist men.

You figure you're up to the task of taking her beating, so you head to the designated location...

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In the Thigh Prison of a JK Prostitute (Cover illustration)


Total playback time: 29 minutes 48 seconds


- Airi

A schoolgirl on the swim team, who bullies masochist men on the side.

Her body strength and fighting techniques ensure she has no trouble dealing with the opposite sex.

She's also acquired special choke and locking techniques from her friend, who helps her beat

on pathetic masochists.


"Hello~ You're the one who messaged me, right?

I'm Airi. Just as I expected, you ooze masochist from head to toe.

Even in a crowd, I'd recognize someone like you.

Well, let's confirm the details. You wanna get beaten by me for 1 hour for $600, right?

How would you like to be beaten? Until your face is a bloody pulp?

Have your kneecaps busted in?

Punched in the gut until you're puking up blood?

I already know you've been jerking off to the videos I upload every day.

Of course, I'll be uploading this too, so don't worry, okay?"

CV: Minase Suzuka

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