Posted by : Kirazu September 05, 2020

Circle : Dream or Real
Release : Sep/03/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 291 MB

Yurina asks the protagonist to stay back after school to so she can tell him something important,
before he also gets roped into helping her out with something.

At that point, Yurina gets a call from a friend of hers doing a sugar daddy side-business,
and it lights of flame of sadism in her.
She can't let this cute prey in front of her escape, so she temps him with the reward of a footjob...

Name: Yurina

A devilish gal with a sadistic personality.
Loves those who follow her orders without raising a fuss.
Thinks of men as cute toys to be played with.

as Yurina: SatouShio (SugarSolt)

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