Posted by : Kirazu September 10, 2020

Release : Sep/09/2020
Series : IYADEN!
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 342 MB

Chapter 2: Subaru (CV: M・A・O)

Embark on a wonderful journey aboard an incredible train...
Gaze at the scenery and listen to the soft rumble of the engine while the conductor provides
the very best in healing experience for your tired soul. This train, the Aldebaran, runs across
Hokkaido, starting in Hakodate and traveling East all the way up to the northernmost point on the
island, Cape Soya.

Let all your troubles melt away as you take the rail trip of a lifetime.

Today's ASMR:
Effective sounds aren't merely audible -- they're a tactile experience as well.
That's why we've used not only a KU100 binaural microphone, but an oscillating microphone, too. This work was recorded with a mix of both in mind. Headphones may make the tactile side of things easier to feel, but earphones offer their own uniqueness! Try out both for a different experience!

Today's ASMR:
- Train sounds
- Ocean waves
- A warm fireplace/popping firewood
- Ear cleaning (left and right)
- Bamboo ear pick (left and right)
- Oil ear massage (left and right)
- Head massage
- Subaru's sighs

Over 2 hours of ASMR content!

Subaru (CV: M・A・O)
"Just wait, I've prepared lots of ways to melt your heart..."

The conductor of the Aldebaran. A petite, silver-haired girl with a cool personality. Seems to
be part Russian. She can be a little insensitive sometimes, but she's serious about her job.
She trusts you enough to give you her best service. Loves her hometown and knows Hokkaido
like the back of her hand. However, she's not actually good with the cold...

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