Posted by : Kirazu September 20, 2020

Circle : C_Realization
Release : Sep/18/2020
Series : Committee of Taking Male Virginity
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 262 MB

A sexy, sadistic police woman arrests you under false pretenses,
and has her way with you! She'll empty out your balls before she's through with you!

Contains over 2 hours and 43 minutes of playback time with no overlap or variations!
Binaural whispering and tons of ear licking (even both at the same time)

CV Kaede Akino free talk included!

1) Sexy sadistic police woman
A sadist that loves to find her preferred type of shota, arrest them on false pretenses,
then turn them into her pet slaves.
Uses lots of handjobs, verbal abuse, and strap-on prostate assaults to get
those male squirts coming out.

2) Protagonist
An innocent and pure virgin boy that is arrested by the perverted cop!
Unable to resist her, he is at the mercy of her lewd, violating techniques.

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