Posted by : Kirazu September 12, 2020

Circle : Forest of babubabu
Release : Sep/12/2020
Series : Lewd Oneechan
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 257 MB

Welcome to Sexy Love Potion, the shop for adults!
Out of all the sexy establishments, this is the only one where two aphrodisiac-laden JKs
will lick your ears! And of course it doesn't stop there...!

It's our second trip to the ear-cleaning brothel! But don't worry, you can start here just fine!

Our ear-cleaning sound effects have gotten an upgrade --
now you can enjoy the realism of S (Super) Ear Licking! Listen to the demo for a taste!

Just like last time, the girls are drugged up, so the moans are loud and lewd!

Also includes a bonus blowjob scene!

Voice actresses Yuki Usagi and Minase Suzuka are ready to rape your cute little ears and mouth...

Ami (CV: Yuki Usagi)
A girl who speaks in a gal-ish manner.
Loves to carefully play with shotas.

Risa (CV: Minase Suzuka)
A relaxed girl who loves to hold shotas.

6 tracks
Total playback: 109 minutes

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