Posted by : Kirazu September 12, 2020

Circle : Bousaba Lubricant
Release : Sep/11/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 161 MB

"Hello~ Thanks for coming~"

You were living a peaceful life in the kingdom of Milta,
until one day, you are suddenly summoned by the princess.

"To be blunt, I want you to marry me, and get me pregnant"

The royal family of Milta are skilled in healing magic, but as generations
have passed, their power has waned, and so there is now a need
to mate with those who possess a certain suitability for the magic.
Through this, the future generations of the royal bloodline will retain
their powerful magic.

"And that's you. Marry me, and let's have a baby!
You'll have but one job, and one job only: to get me pregnant.
Feel free to use my body in any manner you desire~"

"How about it?"

Contains penetration, missionary, deflowering, handjob, ear-sucking,
cum-swallowing, cowgirl, doggy, french kissing, etc.

7 tracks
Total playback time: 110 minutes

CV: Haru Koyama / @koyama9haru

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