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Circle : Yurikago Earphone
Release : Nov/18/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 48 MB

 "...... Hmm? You're home awfully late.

Were you really studying all this time? Oh, dear......"

You're overwhelmed with college courses, on campus late into the night.
As usual you got home late tonight and figured you'd just go straight to bed...
But the girl who lives next door, Shiori, worries about you.

She came out for a chat when she heard you get home.

" Hang on... just hold still like that. Yes. Don't move......
Mm-hm, as expected. Your eyes are bloodshot.
You've been staring square-eyed at too many computer screens."

You nod in agreement.

"I see, you're writing a report huh? That's tough but...
Don't push yourself too hard, it's bad for your health.
...I know. How about I give you an eye massage.
Leave it up to me! Hmm? Your room is dirty?
No problem, come over to mine!"

Shiori will refresh you. Come into her room-----

01 Gentle eye rinse
02 Light facial massage
03 Ear cleaning
04 Should massage
05 Secret relaxation time (R-18) (fellatio)
06 Refreshing allure time (R-18) (sumata)
07 Special time for me (R-18) (intercourse, creampie)

Total length: 69 minutes

CV: Hina Nakase

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