Posted by : Kirazu October 05, 2020

Circle : RailRomanesque 
Release : Oct/03/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 597 MB

In the country of Hinomoto, railways, once the most important form of transport,
are being discontinued more and more.
In order to protest this discontinuation, operators in various regions of the country create a plan
to show people the attractiveness of rail via the sounds of their train lines.
The ones overseeing the execution of the plan are the humanoid conductor assistant modules, or Rail-lords.

Rail-lord / actress Suzushiro and you, her manager and master, you embark on a night trip in search
of beautiful scenic sounds to introduce to the world.

The sound of shoveling coal, the sound of hammer on steel, of paddling oars on the river,
the natural environmental sounds surrounding a shrine.
Finally, some relaxing ear cleaning, and a comforting lullaby.

Enjoy your trip on the Yorozuoka Line!

Name: Suzushiro
The Raillord of C1267.
A girl that loves acting in any role, but takes off the acting mask only for you, her master and manager

Please enjoy a relaxing night on the Yorozuoka Line together, all alone with her.

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