Posted by : Kirazu October 08, 2020

Circle : 周防パトラ 
Release : Oct/05/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 0.99 GB

 The ASMR Vtuber who helps you get to sleep, Suou Patra, arrives on DLsite!

Patra is here with the same sound-sleep ASMR that's made her a Youtube LIVE star!
This work was recorded with a high-quality NEUMANN/KU100 dummy head microphone to
make you feel like Demon Queen Patra's come straight from the demon world and into
your room... and you're going to be her test subject...? Even if you don't know Patra,
you know what you're in for -- sweet whispers, a soothing massage, and of course, ear cleaning!
A huge ASMR work with over 17 tracks and 10 hours of content!

Suou Patra
A member of the Vtuber unit HoneyStrap.
She debuted on July 14th, 2018, and the popularity of her online streams has risen to the point that she has
over 400,000 followers on social media. Patra is also musically active, and has released an original album in
which she handled all lyrics, composition, and arrangement, in addition to holding real-world events and
online concerts. Every Monday she does an ASMR broadcast on her Youtube channel that attracts over 10,000
viewers looking for a way to peacefully  fall asleep.


[Twitter] (@Patra_HNST)

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