Posted by : Kirazu October 12, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Oct/07/2020
Series : Ayakashi Nostalgia
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 792 MB


Monobeno. A village deep in the mountains of Shikoku.
The last place where humans and ayakashi live together in harmony.

To prepare for the coming winter, your childhood friend and local nurse Alice Arishima
has been demonstrating the most effective ways to ward off disease.
It's a Hand-washing Class for kids! And it was a big success! Thanks to your help, of course.

So after class, Alice helps clean your hands with an alcohol spray handshake.
Then she shows off the proper way to wash your face with water, including gargling and a nasal rinse.
And as a reward for your help, she gives you a foot massage and a peeling face mask.
And of course, some ear cleaning and falling asleep together!

She knows quite a bit as both a nurse and a woman, so you're sure to enjoy the utmost in relaxation!

"I couldn't be your love or your wife, and you never saw me as an option...
but there's one thing that only I could do. And that's... become your best friend..."

Your brave neighbor and childhood friend, the nurse next door, Alice Arishima.

She's come to visit you for the first time in a while.
You see, she needs some help running a class on proper hand-washing for the young villagers.
You're so well-respected that maybe even the rowdy little monsters will listen if you're there to assist.

Alone together in the infirmary, she wants to show you her gratitude.
She gives you a generous lesson on keeping you and your family healthy,
followed by a thank-you massage and some ear cleaning.

And since you're both tired from having to keep up with the kids, an afternoon nap together to top it all off.

As you lay in peaceful sleep, Alice lets her true feelings -- her happiness and her pain -- come out.

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