Posted by : Kirazu October 08, 2020

Circle  : Die Brust
Release : Oct/04/2020
Series : Iyashi (Cure) Series
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 165 MB

 An audio work that combines ASMR with tarot readings.

Enjoy the sounds of shuffling, flipping, and choosing cards...
Be healed by Mirei's calm voice in a moment of stillness.

The script is based on an actual tarot reading performed by the writer.
You can even listen to it as a sort of roleplaying ASMR situation.

A girl working at Cure Fortune, a fortune telling shop.
She's good with tarot and gives a lot of readings.

Her gentle demeanor and friendly personality have earned her a lot of repeat customers.
Seems to feel very strongly about getting more men into fortune telling.

She's good at relating to customers, but not really empathizing with them.

She got into tarot because she's a big anime/game fan.

-Playback time: 1:11:00

-CV : Miyaji

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