Posted by : Kirazu October 31, 2020

Circle : circle_delusion
Release : Oct/31/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 546 MB


I fell in love with classmate Yasuda at first sight.
A brilliant smile, an unwavering kindness and earnestness.
And those massive breasts!!!
I can't hold back, and I faintly confess my love for her after school....only to get shut down.
But, I won't give up!
The only thing that'd make me stop is...!!

That School Feeling!
* Notebooks, chalkboard scratching, the teacher's voice,
the sound of chairs being pulled and bags being picked up.
This audio work includes tons of realistic schoolhouse sound effects
to immerse you in the setting!

* Yasuda's changing attitude from dislike to lovey-dovey!
The two of you get closer and closer, and she eventually starts to enjoy the sexy antics!

* Ear licking too!
Enjoy a nice dolloping of ear licks with a deep sense of proximity.

Playback time:
 Main --- 02:05:00
 Bonus --- 00:16:44

as Yasuda... Koyori Engawa (@koyoring54)
as studebnt... Chizu Shibayama
as student & teacher... Megumu Morino (@mmegumu)
Guest Performance... Aino Mimori (@mimo_chorion)

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