Posted by : Kirazu November 18, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Oct/03/2020
Series : Aphrodite Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 1.37 GB



Welcome to Aphrodite, the private beauty and relaxation salon for men.

Our special today is the Aphrodite Package. Your stylist will select the perfect hairstyle for you, so just leave everything to our staff.

We’ll make you feel beautiful on the outside with a haircut and styling, and soothe you inside with our head spa and massage services.

People know the Greek goddess Aphrodite as the goddess of love and beauty, but sexuality was another important part of her domain...
At our salon, we channel that spirit into providing sexual services as well.

Here at Aphrodite, the beauty salon for men, all you need to do is sit back and relax.
Now surrender your body and soul to the goddess...


A fully binaural beauty salon experience!

The first half consists of salon scenes designed with ASMR in mind.
Each track features a voiceless "Total ASMR Version", as well!
Melted by the voiced version, or fully immersed in the SFX-only version -- enjoy the salon scenes however you want.

The second half is the "Aphrodite" section...
In order to let our voice actress shine, we've included a "Voice Only Version" that removes the wet sounds.
Enjoy the realism of the voice version, the directness of the SFX-less version -- whichever you want!

Ririna Onizuka
CV: Shiharu Kanaya
A busty, 21 year-old girl who still clings to gal fashion. She had a bit of a bad streak in the past, and she's
a little rough when it comes to her work -- but her senses are unmatched. She's also got a sadistic, devilish side.
She speaks casually and has a crude way of teasing her clients.

Total Playback: Approximately 3:14:00

*Audio is in Japanese, but includes English subtitles.

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