Posted by : Kirazu November 08, 2020

Circle : poison
Release : Nov/06/2020
Series : Childhood Friend Foley
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 265 MB


- A pleasant audio work!
This one's packed with all sorts of comfortable and pleasant situations.
Enjoy your childhood friend's whispers, the sounds of her cooking,
the gentle scrubs of her washing your hair...
Get a taste of a quiet and comfortable life.!

- The best in its genre!
"Childhood friend" audio works are nothing new,
so we've tried to take the next step and make things even more realistic!
It's not just the pleasant voices, the scenario was created to maximize the realism!

Rika Isuzu is your childhood friend -- and although you're out in the world, she's a college
student despite being the same age as you. You get along so well that she has a spare
key to your house, but the two of you have never made the next step in your relationship.
Ever since you got a job, though, you've been able to spend even less time together.

One day you came home and found Rika waiting...
Tonight, the distance between you is finally going to close.

Rika Isuzu
A 20 year-old college student with brown, semi-long hair and an E-cup chest.
She's your childhood friend, and you remember her as being quite mischievous,
but as the years went by she became a good deal more feminine.

She's not good with direct language like calling her cute.
She's happy to be with you, and loves to compete, but your relationship isn't progressing.

However, she's been learning to cook from your mom in secret to increase her appeal and
hopefully get your attention.

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