Posted by : Kirazu November 14, 2020

Circle : Bousaba Lubricant
Release : Nov/12/2020
Series : Elf-san
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 346 MB
One day...

"You there, sir. Do you know the way to Rootia?"

You met a lone girl in the forest.
Her name is Erika, and she's an elf with a very friendly way of speaking.

After talking a while, the two of you decide to head to town together.
But as you walked and chatted...


Erika hadn't been paying attention, and slipped right off a hilltop!
The both of you tumbled right down.

While trying to keep her safe, you fractured your dominant hand.

You somehow made it to town together, but Erika was upset that she'd gotten you hurt.
So upset that she insisted on staying to care for you.!

While you recovered, it became apparent that your sexual needs weren't being met, since your
main hand was out of order....

"W-well... wh-why don't I help you out...?"
And just like that, Erika had a whole new way to care for you.

Your sweet days with a gentle elf who will listen to anything you say... start now!

8 tracks (137 minutes) 

CV: Kaede Akino/@akinokaedevo
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