Posted by : Kirazu November 27, 2020

Circle : Ingohigo
Release : Nov/27/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 175 MB


"Oh, are you awake? Good morning."

You awaken in a dark prison cell.
There's a cute demon girl smiling in front of you.

"You're being held in the Demon Lord's castle. That's right, we've kidnapped you.
We're the Demon Army's intelligence division."

"Why you? We'd like you to tell us all you know about the castle where you work...
But we know you won't give it up so easily..."

She sneered as she spoke.

"I'm Alma, the torture expert."

"It feels good to cum, doesn't it?
What will happen if it keeps happening?
Any man would turn into a demon..."

"It feels so good that your face gets all weird..."

"I'm going to stimulate your naughty bits...
Even if you say no, you're going to feel the pain of pleasure...
And tell us exactly what we want to know..."

And now the fearsome "ejacu-torture" begins...!
A chime rings in your cell.

"Ah, it's already 5 o'clock.
We're off at 5, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Lately they've been telling us not to do overtime, so let's get started tomorrow.
Just have a good rest and get ready."

And then Alma left...

That was the beginning of your long days of sexy torture in the Demon Castle!

Simply put, it's torment brought on by being forced to cum over and over again...

Of course, there are some rules...

- Ejaculate once a day to make sure you don't get hurt
- Do whatever you want in your free time (board games with a demon, perhaps?)
- You can have all the food and drinks you want (even alcohol after your session!)
- You can have a break if you're unhealthy
- You get two days off
- Weekday sessions will be gentle even with the harder stuff.

- Binaurally recorded ejaculation torture!

- Based on the comment of "gentle torment"!
Though it's still torture, this is a much kinder world than it seems to be...
No pain or suffering, just sweet temptation.

- Alma, your self-proclaimed "cruel mistress", will give you a thoroughly pleasurable working-over.
She'll lick your ears, talk dirty top you, and do whatever it takes to get you off...

8 tracks, MP3 format
Total playback: approximately 119 minutes
CV: Aino Mimori /@mimo_chorion

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