Posted by : Kirazu December 03, 2020

Circle : emoi-do
Release : Nov/28/2020
Series : Miko Miko Dreaming
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 3.48 GB

 Get cum-squeezed by a succubus in reality and in the dream world!

Your cute, innocent classmates get dragged into the antics as well!

Contains approx. 3 hours of main story content with TONS of ear cleaning bonus audio!


The lusty protagonist summons a succubus to fulfill his sexual desires,
and ends up getting novice Chloe...? It's also her first time having sex it seems...
and she intends to use the protagonist to become a fully-fledged dream demon.
Soon, she brings in his classmates to partake in the sexy blend of dream and reality!

Height: 164cm
Three sizes: B93/57/88

A succubus in training who needs more live-practice in violating human men.
Of course, the protagonist's dick ends up giving her quite the thrill as well..

Yuuna Yoshisaki
Height: 153 c,
Three sizes: B80/54/78
A shy girl that has always liked the protagonist,
but has never been able to confess her feelings...
until she enters the ream world.

Mai Kuga
Height: 159cm
Three sizes: B85/55/81

The protagonist's childhood friend, and the class president.
An earnest girl on the outside, and a secret pervert on the inside.
Chloe helps her get the action she so desires in the dream world.

Total playback time: 6 hours 2 minutes 39 seconds

+ Ear cleaning monaural data

Contains cowgirl, fellatio, naked falling asleep together, succubus teasing,
handjob, ear teasing, seduction, sumata, sweet sex, missionary sex, ear licking, etc.

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