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Release : Dec/02/2020
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NECOGURASHI 2, Part 5 -- Siamese Cat (CV: Ai Kayano)

Today's ASMR:
Effective sounds aren't merely audible -- they're a tactile experience as well.
That's why we've used not only a KU100 binaural microphone, but an oscillating microphone, too.
This work was recorded with a mix of both in mind.
Headphones may make the tactile side of things easier to feel,
but earphones offer their own uniqueness! Try out both for a different experience!

On the menu, we've got...
- A traditional sunken fireplace
- Ambient hot spring sounds
- Fizzy shampoo
- Back washing
- Scalp massage
- Ear massage
- Cat toy ear cleaning
- Double-ear oil massage
- Oil facial massage
- Deeper shoulder massage
- Back massage
- Siamese cat sighs

Over 2 hours of story-driven ASMR!

The next stage of soothing, the spring of the gods -- the Catnip Hot Springs.
Here, weary travelers are entertained by catgirls.
Let your worries melt away in the waters, and get your back washed by a catgirl!

Siamese Cat (CV: Ai Kayano)
"It's nice to give and receive hospitality, huh...? Today I'll give you pleeeeenty..."

A calm, older catgirl. She's somewhat tall and quite open-minded.
She uses mellow words and has a slow way of speaking that makes her seem lazy, but when
it comes to helping people relax, she's an expert.

Series Story
Nekomeikan ~Catnip Hot Springs~

You've been invited by the sound of a mysterious bell to the Nekomeikan...
a storied inn that exists between this world and the next.
Mortals, immortals, humans, and non-humans come to have some fun.
Here, a day can feel like 1,000 years, and 1,000 years can feel like a day.
And right now, it's time for the decennial Festival of Nine Souls.
As the chosen one, will you accept the hospitality of the inn's catgirls?

Meet the straightforward calico, the pure white cat, the friendly black cat,
the soft and gentle Siamese, the mature Bengal, the sweet Persian,
and the one who holds the key to everything, the Cat Goddess...

Spend some time relaxing with unique catgirls as the mysterious story
reveals itself in the second series of feline ASMR audio!

This time, travel to the fabled spring of the gods, the Catnip Hot Springs....
Just follow the bamboo-enclosed path, strewn with leaves and the colors of autumn,
until you arrive at a rustic bathhouse. Take a break and warm yourself by the old-timey fireplace,
then go for a dip in the springs where catgirls entertain weary travelers.
Yesterday and today, the visitors enjoyed the Catnip Hot Spring's gentle, carbonated waters.
...And tomorrow will be the same.
Because indeed, gods, humans, and even cats have their troubles.
Let your worries melt away in the springs as the catgirls cleanse your body...!

Who will be chosen as the shrine maiden? Which catgirl will be reborn into the world?
Perhaps new catgirls will join in the ritual...
NECOGURASHI's secrets will reveal themselves little by little...!

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