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Circle : Re:sound
Release : Dec/06/2019
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 163 MB

 Two girls meet in a world where the rain never stops falling...

The lost amnesiac Tadori and a girl who calls herself the Dream-Reader, Shikura.
Shikura is able to read the memories stored inside flowers.

This is the story of a boy who feels guilt whenever he eats, a story of sin and regret.

And through reading the flowers, Taodri will slowly regain her memories.

A voice drama base don the concept of "the story within a story".

Official site:
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8 tracks
Total playback: 117 minutes, 55 seconds
Includes bonus free talk

Voice Acting
Shikura: Erika Yuzuriha ( )
Tadori: Renge Toudou ( )
Anima: Izuka ( )
Erin: Aino Mimori ( )

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