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Circle : RailRomanesque
Release : Oct/29/2020
Series : Chikuon Rail
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 696 MB

In the country of Hinomoto, railways, once the most important form of transport,
are being discontinued more and more.
In order to protest this discontinuation, operators in various regions of the country create a plan
to show people the attractiveness of rail via the sounds of their train lines.
The ones overseeing the execution of the plan are the humanoid conductor assistant modules, or Rail-lords.

This time, take a trip with Raillord Riiko on the Tobu Railway #5.
She's a bit lazy, but she's going to give the plan a shot.
Enjoy the sounds of bugs, frogs, a rainy forest, and more as you enjoy a journey of sonic scenery!


Name: Riiko
The Raillord of Tobu Railway #5.

A lazy girl who prefers collecting bugs over doing her job on the railway.

However, she trusts you immensely and wants to be useful.

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