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Circle : Delphinapterus leucas
Release : Dec/12/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 238 MB
It's the year 2051, and humans are now filled with nanomachines that allow full control of their bodies.
A little hacking of the nanomachine OS can also give control of the brain's pleasure centers,
and allows humans to enjoy virtual sex with beautiful holograms.

You get your hands on an AI girl named "Miri", and fully unlock her with your hacking skills.
In thanks, she does her best to soothe you with an inner ear detox, then uses her full knowledge of sex
and pleasure to service you with ear licking, oral play, and more.

Enjoy virtual sex with a girl customized to your ideal, and find out what lies in store for the two of you.

Name: Miri
An artificial AI /VR girl made by tech giant peach Computer.
After many revisions, she is now highly customizable to the user.
After being jailbroken properly by you, she is set free.
No longer an AI, she decides to pay you back with her affection.
And by fulfilling any sexual requests, of course...

Total playback time: 103 minutes

CV: Haru Amachi

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