Q : Whats is tags ASMR, Healing, Hypnotic, Binaural?
A : Send message at chat box, maybe someone will answer it.

Q : The download link is dead!
A : Leave a comment at Posts.

Q :Can i request something?
A :Yes, send message at chat box or Contact us .

Q : File corrupted
A : Try download again, if it remains corrupted Contact us / send message at chat box.

Q : Why file size always is smaller than dlsite/original file size?
A : We just throwing out useless files like No SE version and the WAV file is converted to MP3, because the WAV format is too large.

Q : Can I request a WAV format file?

A : No, Please buy original or download on another site.

Q : Error when open .exe file format?

A : Open program with Locale Emulator, https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/.

Q : Script can't read / Broken txt file.

A : First open this site https://2cyr.com/decode/ and set like this http://bitly.com/2ILG2sE
this method only works if text looks like this ‚·‚Á‚²‚¢‚Å‚µ‚å@ƒAƒ~‚̃Qƒbƒv

Q : CopyDrive error "Unable to download file".
A : Refresh download page 2-4 times if it doesn't work, leave a comment.

Q : CopyDrive error "forbidden"
A : Please login with another account.

Q : CopyDrive error "storageQuotaExceeded"

A : Your Google Drive storage is not enough/full, clean your storage to download.

Q : CopyDrive 404 not found.
A : Read this  http://ww8.erovoice.us/p/404-copydrive.html

Q : How to add image at comments?
A : Use this html code  <img src="IMAGE URL">   at your comment.

Last update : 11/06/2019

*if you have any questions leave comment or send message at chat box.

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